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Tenants for the municipal dwelling houses wanted.(Shisei Diary, June)
Last UpdateF2006/6/23

Tenants of houses for the aged, handicapped, large family, general households are wanted.

Brochurs will be distributed from June 5th to 12th (weekdays, 9a.m.`5p.m.) at Housing Association (9th floor of City Hall), General bureau and Citizen centre.(Saturdays & Sundays, distributed only at 7th floor of City Hall annex (same building as bicycle parking lot).)

Applications will be accepted from June 7th to 13th (Monday through Sunday, 9a.m.`5p.m.) at the meeting room in the 7th floor of City Hall annex (same building as bicycle parking lot).

Drawing for housing allotment will be held on June 19th and 21th at large hall in the 14th floor of City Hall.

Expected move-in date is August 1st.

You can see the details (the name of houses...etc.) in the brochure.

When you apply, please bring your seal and some certificates for your income.

For further information, call Housing Association (Tel: 096-328-2466).

For the inquiry on June 10th and 11th, please call City Hall main switchboard (328-2111).

TEL 328-2466
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