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General Women Center(Sogo Josei Center) - General Counsel Room/Free (Shisei Diary, April)
Last UpdateF2006/4/10

General Counsel Room at General Women Center ( for Free)

At General Counsel Room, counselors are ready to guide you in the
solutions for various problems.
Please first make a phone call before you suffer alone.
Counseling matters are kept in secrecy.

General matters  Counseling  by

 from Mon. thru Fri.  10 am - 4 pm
 (For Thursdays 10 am - 8 pm)
¦Second week  of Friday is for Male only.

 Health counseling  4th week of Wednesday  1pm - 4pm
 Legal counseling  2nd & 4th week of Thursday  1pm - 4pm
 Psychological advise  2nd & 4th week of Tuesday  1pm - 4pm
 DV counseling
 (by lawyer)
 3rd week of Thursday  1pm - 4pm

You have to make an appointment beforehand for Interview and all Specialty counseling.
Counseling Hot line : (096) 343-8306

TEL 096-345-2550
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