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No.25 Regarding Certification for Disaster Victims
Last UpdateF2016/4/30

Kumamoto International Foundation

April 27th, 2016

No. 25 (Procedures)


Regarding Certification for Disaster Victims


- What is a gDisaster Victim Certificateh?

This is a document identifying those who have lost, or experienced damage to, their home. The certificate is for the purpose of verifying how much damage onefs home has been subject to.

 Staffs from the city and town offices will assess damage and write certificates. After applying to have your home assessed, they will visit your home. However, please note that this process may take some time.


- After having acquired a Disaster Victim Certificate, you will be eligible to apply for further financial support from your city, town, or village

 - Support for Reconstructing Livelihoods

  - Those whose home or living space has been destroyed may apply for financial assistance.

 - General Relief Money

  - Disaster victims may apply for financial assistance to fit a variety of needs.

 - Reduction or Exemption of National Health Insurance Premium

  - You will be eligible for a reduced rate in, or an exemption from, the National Health Insurance premium.

 - Loan for those Recovering from Loss of Home

  -Those whose home or living space has been destroyed may apply for a loan. Those who wish to repair or rebuild their home as soon as possible are also eligible.

 - Provisional Housing

  - Those whose homes were severely damaged by the earthquake will be eligible to apply for provisional housing, and they may live there until able to buy or rent a new living space.

 - Public Housing

  - Your city, town, village, or province will be able to provide public housing if your home has been destroyed.

 - School Textbooks

  - School textbooks will be given to children free of charge.


- Contact Information

For further information, please contact the city, town, or village office.




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