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Kumamoto International Foundation

4-18 Hanabata-cho,chuou-ku, Kumamoto-shi,
Tel: +81(0)96-359-2121
Fax: +81(0)96-359-5783
URL http://www.kumamoto-if.or.jp
E-Mail pj-info@kumamoto-if.or.jp
【Chairman】 Ryouji Yoshimaru
【Secretary-General】 Hiromitsu Yagi
【Advisers】 Mayor of Kumamoto City, Chairman of Kumamoto City Council
【Date of Establishment】 March 3,1993
【Supporting Members: Individual 】 about 177
【Organization】 about 17
【Fees】 See Site Public Relations (PR)
【Publication】 Newsletter Kumamoto
【Field of Activity】 International Exchange
  Kumamoto City considers international exchanges to be one of its most fundamental and important administrative priorities and, starting with its friendship and sister city relationships, the city of Kumamoto has worked to promote international exchanges in a variety of different fields.
  Particularly in recent years, local communities became to have diverse needs for international exchanges from such aspects as an increase in the population of foreign residents and citizens' large interests in foreign countries.
  As such, the Kumamoto International Foundation was established in March of 1993 in order to further deepen mutual understandings and friendships beyond borders of nations, and activate local communities with the help of the energy and creativity by citizen involvement as well as to effectively and positively expand international exchange activities in the future.
  In 1999, the "Kumamoto Internationalization Guide" was published with the vision of realizing a peaceful society for all people to live comfortably. In compliance with the Guide, our foundation promotes fostering individuals to be globally minded, and go stories to contribute to the international society from a citizen level.
We do ask for your understanding and cooperation to KIF, and hope that you will become a supporting member!
The KIF, a public service organization, was established by Kumamoto City in March of 1993 for the purpose of fostering an awareness of the international exchange and international cooperation activities.
We formed supporting membership programs to help as many Kumamoto citizens and foreign residents as possible to understand and support our foundation, as well as to participate in our many internationally-oriented activities. The more opinions and inquires we get from you, the more able we are to enrich and develop our future activities.
We would be very happy to receive your registration.

1) Membership Requirements and Fees: Supporters must be people or organizations that understand our purpose and want to contribute to internationalization.
・ Individual Members: 2,000 yen
・ Organizational Memberships: 10,000 yen
Your membership is valid for one year, from April to March of the following year. Registration is accepted at anytime.

2)Registration Process: Bring your completed application form and payment to our office or fill out and submit the necessary information on the registration form and make your payment via a money transfer to the bank account specified below. (Please use the registration form provided.)
Account information for bank transfers: Higo Ginko Kumamoto Shiyakusho Shuttyojo
          (Futsu) 1375306
          (Zai) Kumamoto-shi, Kokusai Koryu Shinko Jigyodan

Postal account: 01760-0-106619
          Kumamoto-shi, Kokusai Koryu Shinko Jigyodan

We will notify you when it is time to renew your membership.

3) Members' privileges PDF[897KB]

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