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KIF is based in the Kumamoto International Center and aims at creating a brighter future for all by fostering person-to-person international exchange.

1.The Multicultural Society Promotion Project
Promoting a ‘synergetic society consisting of communities who work to create relationships founded on equal-rights, cultural understanding and mutual recognition amongst people of diverse nationalities and heritages’.
The Multicultural Society Promotion Project The Multicultural Society Promotion Project

2.Global-citizen Education Project
Training people to take action and view their local community from a global perspective. Particularly offering opportunities for the young to enhance their ice-breaking, communication, presentation and facilitation skills.
Global-citizen Education Project Global-citizen Education Project

3.Internationalization Promotion Project
Promotes internationalization at the citizen level through foreign language education, cross-cultural understanding, and global awareness. A variety of projects are put in place to meet the needs and life-styles of each individual citizen. At the KIF support center we support the needs of our citizens and visitors.
Internationalization Promotion Project Internationalization Promotion Project

4.Cultural Facilities Management and Community Development Promotion Project
1) As a public cultural facility, we rent out safe and secure conference halls and meeting rooms that can be used fairly and easily by all. We also adapt our services to meet the needs of each of our users and are affiliated with cultural art promotion.
2)Located at the foot of Kumamoto Castle in the city center, the Kumamoto International Center is the hub of local internationalization projects, promoting citizen-level cooperative endeavors and contributing to both the revitalization of the city and development of the community.
Cultural Facilities Management and Community Development Promotion Project Cultural Facilities Management and Community Development Promotion Project

5.Foundation Management
We manage the foundation so as to ensure that the goals of KIF are met effectively and efficiently.

Foundation Management

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