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A classification can be chosen and the information to display can be narrowed down.

    No.25 Regarding Certification for Disaster Victims (KIF)
    No.24 How to Protect Oneself from Infectious Diseases (KIF)
    No.17 Need volunteers to help you? (KIF)
    No6-1 Procedure for Moving into Public Housing (Additional Information) (KIF)
    No.23 Regarding Garbage Collection after April 22nd (Fri.) (KIF)
    No.22 Extension for applying and paying city tax (KIF)
    No.21 Information of medical institutions, dental clinics and pharmacies (KIF)
    No.20 Be careful on Consumers Trouble (KIF)
    No.16 To use gas (KIF)
    No.15 You can see a doctor without health insurance card (KIF)


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