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    No.41 Establishment of 'Core Shelters' (KIF)
    No.44 Free Legal Consultation by Telephone for Foreigners (interpreters available) (KIF)
    No.43 Beware of heatstroke! (KIF)
    No.35 Consultation about Fraudulent Business (Information from Kumamoto Prefectural Government) (KIF)
    No.37 Consultation about Repair of Homes (KIF)
    No.36 Sports facilities open to the public (KIF)
    No.34 Provision of Financial Aid to rebuild the lives of Kumamoto Earthquake victims (KIF)
    No.39 Emergency Repairs to Disaster-affected Homes (KIF)
    No.42 Full resumption of public Elementary and Junior High Schools (KIF)
    No.31 2016 Support System for the Earthquake Victims (menu) (KIF)


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