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    No.53 Supplying School Textbooks and Supplies for the Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster (KIF)
    No.52 Leasing Privately Rented Housing (KIF)
    No.51 Resuming Regular Garbage Collection in Kumamoto City (KIF)
    No.49 Related Kumamoto Earthquake Counseling Centers (KIF)
    No.48 Special Loan on Social Welfare (Emergency Small Funds) (KIF)
    No.50 Temporary Childcare Services Program (KIF)
    No.No13-3 Dedicated Call Center for Households without Water (update) (KIF)
    No.No13-1&2 Call Center for Households without Water (update) (KIF)
    No.44 Free Legal Consultation by Telephone for Foreigners (interpreters available) (KIF)
    No.28 Financial Assistance for Temporary Housing (Private Rental Apartment Rooms) (KIF)


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