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A classification can be chosen and the information to display can be narrowed down.

    No.66 Temporary employment for individuals laid-off due to earthquake(s) (KIF)
    No.64 DIY disaster emergency kits (KIF)
    No.63 Issuance of Disaster Victim’s Certificates for Residences (KIF)
    No.55 Earthquake Debris (KIF)
    No.65 For out-of-city/province evacuees (KIF)
    No.59 Telephone counseling for pregnancy and emotional support (KIF)
    No.58 Beware of consuming too many sweets and snacks! (KIF)
    No.56 Counseling for Kumamoto Earthquake Victims at Kumamoto Children’s Consultation Center (KIF)
    No.18-A  Emergency Endangerment Assessment (KIF)
    No.2 Tax reduction of a car (KIF)


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