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    No.74 Now accepting applications for the dismantling/removal of damaged houses etc. (KIF)
    No.73 To people evacuating in a car/tent and other places (KIF)
    No.72 Opening the general window of livelihood rehabilitation support for the disaster victims (KIF)
    No.71 About deferment of medical/nursing insurance payments (KIF)
    No.70 Reductions/exemptions of nursery school fees following 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake (KIF)
    No.51-A  Resuming Regular Garbage Collection in Kumamoto City (KIF)
    No.51-A  Resuming Regular Garbage Collection in Kumamoto City (KIF)
    No.66 Temporary employment for individuals laid-off due to earthquake(s) (KIF)
    No.64 DIY disaster emergency kits (KIF)
    No.63 Issuance of Disaster Victim’s Certificates for Residences (KIF)


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