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The B2 floor A place where the various arts and cultures of the world meet.

Allowing our guests to enjoy musical performances and events at full volume, as recreation room features soundproof insulation.

Moreover, it is an extensive room and therefore ideal for orchestral rehearsals and concerts.

In addition, one of the two walls contains a mirror, and is best used for practice such as dance recitals.

Recreation Room
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Recreation Room

Equipped with drums, a guitar amplifier, an electric piano and other equipment; it can be used for aerobics, dancing, as well as band practice as a rehearsal room or a large floor.

Room name Multi-purpose hall
Area 221.5square meters
Regarding Equipment
Drum kit, electric piano amplifier, mixer, base amplifier, guitar amplifier (2) microphone (2) white board, long desk (10), and a chair (30)

Use of attached structure and its facilities within (Charge)

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