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The sixth floor and seventh floor By breaking through our language barriers, we can experience joy through mutual understanding.

The Main Hall is equipped with four interpreter's booths capable of corresponding four languages simultaneously.

It can be used for the seminar and reception hall for a school activity other than a lecture or a concert.
6th floor

7th floor

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The maximum number of seats is 230, making it the optimal area for a lecture meeting or a small-scale music exhibition.

Each chair is "international size" with a larger than usual width.

If the seats are stored, the hall becomes an extensive 14.1-m-long and 13.0m wide.

You may also use the hall as a seminar and exhibition site for school activities.

Room name Hall (a maximum of 230 persons)
Seating Area 183.3 square meters, 36 square meters of stages

Main Lobby Main Lobby

In the large sixth floor lobby, the pattern in the hall can be seen on the monitoring screen.

Interpretation booth Interpretation booth

Four booths which can simultaneously communicate up to four languages for translation are available.

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