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The Second Floor Let’s learn about foreign culture in cooperation with those around us!

International Exchange Support Center
International Communication Area
This floor is available for study and the cooperative activities of NGO groups and citizens.
Hours: 9:00-20:00
※Multicaltural Affairs Office
The Second Floor

International Communication Area International Communication Area

This area, where visitors can enjoy reading and studying quietly, is a space available for individual/group study and NGO events and has books related to international exchanges and cooperation, and more than 1,200 paperbacks. Private international exchange events or seminars, workshops and panel exhibitions for presenting activities, conducted by cooperating groups (NGO), have been also held at the area.

World Study Room World Study Room

To learn about international education and the friendship/sister cities, the room contains books that present the customs and culture of foreign countries, and teaching materials related with international education, such as guidebooks for instructors. The “world study boxes” include posters, folk costumes and craftworks of foreign countries, which are available especially for international education classes in schools.
Furthermore, there is an installation space, presenting the international sister cities of Kumamoto city; Guilin, China, San Antonio, the U.S., and Heidelberg, Germany.

NGO Activity Space NGO Activity Space

There is a space for cooperative activities of NGO groups and citizens, which is preferentially available for meetings or works for private international exchange events, as well as for cooperating groups (NGO).

Announcement to NGO groups: please contact the Kumamoto International Foundation for preferential uses of the space.
(Tel 096-359-2121, e-mail pj-info@kumamoto-if.or.jp)

NGO Corners
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International Cooperation & NGO Corners

This section includes; Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Corner,
Studying and Living Abroad Information Corner and NGO Corner.

Internet and DVD Corner DVD Corner

There are three booths for DVD players (two for one person, one for two persons), in which visitors can enjoy watching movies and media of overseas cities.

Multicultural Affairs Office Multicultural Affairs Office

In order to further our society’s prosperity, it is integral that all the residents, in spite of their different nationalities, try to respect each other and their different cultures and live together cooperatively.
The Multicultural Affairs Office offers various kinds of living information and Japanese language lessons to support foreign residents and to ultimately realize the development of our community here in Kumamoto City.
Also, there are consultation services available in several different languages. (Open hours 11:00am to 6:00pm)

EPO Kyushu EPO Kyushu

EPO Kyushu has functions for sustainable development to;
1) gather, properly stock and dispatch information about environmental activity
2) crate opportunities of dialogue, networking and study
3) carry projects to improve situation of environment issues in Kyushu

Kumamoto Craft Making Station Kumamoto Craft Making Station

Kumamoto Craft making station is organized together with the Kumamoto 'MONODUKURI JYUKU' to help any visitors foster their minds to cherish natural resources of Kumamoto thru experiencing various kinds of craft makings programs

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