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Japanese dinner乣For foreign residents in Japan乣
Last Update丗2017/11/6

Japanese dinner

For foreign residents in Japan

Would you like to make Japanese food together in Kumamoto International Center? We will tell you how to make easy and yummy japanese food with Japanese dinneras the theme.

Please make a reservation who want to join.

DateDecember 2Sat侾侽丗侽侽乣侾俁丗侽侽

PlaceKumamoto City International Center丂係俥

Target  Foreign residents in Japanreservation required

Capacity  15 people丂丂

Belongings ApronHankerchiefTowelFor wiping your hands

Entry fee俈侽侽 yen

Menu Sunomono Rice Miso soup Teriyaki chicken

Tofu shiratama


Kumamoto City International Center丂丂







Date 2017/12/2 Sat 10丗00丗乣13丗00丗
*Except closing days, Only held Sat
Place Kumamoto City International Center
Target Foreign residents in Japan
Participating Charge 700yen
For more information 096-359-2121
TEL 096-359-2121
FAX 096-359-5112
Mail pj-info@kumamoto-if.or.jp
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