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13th International Volunteer Work Camp in ASO
Last Update丗2018/8/10

We, the members of the International Volunteer Work Camp executive committee, are proud to present to you the 13th annual work camp. Every year, we high school students form, plan, and manage the camp that takes place in Aso and has the goal of imbuing young talent with the inspiration to succeed.

International is the keyword of the 21st century and combining it with the word volunteer forms Volu-camp (儃儔僉儍儞). This word connects multiple generations of camp participants who help each other and develop with one another.
  The theme for this years 13th Volu-camp is Creating Possibilities for Everyones Future, and us high school students represent those possibilities. Lets deepen our friendships, expand our networks, and help each others dreams come true!
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Date 2018/8/11 Sat 乣2018/8/13 Mon
Place National Aso Youth Friendship Center (崙棫垻慼惵彮擭偺壠)
Participating Charge \5,000
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