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Question I have been paying premiums for Employees' Pension (Kosei-Nenkin) for 3 years, but I have to return to my country. Can I have reimbursement?
Answer Yes. If you who stayed for a short period had paid National Pension Plan or Employees' Pension without receiving pension benefits, you can have reimbursement at the time of withdrawal.

Requirements for Reimbursement (All requirements must be fulfilled)
・Having no Japanese nationality
・Having paid premiums for National Pension Plan or Employees' Pension for
  more than 6 months
・Having no present address in Japan
・Having not entitled to pension payments

How to apply
The application form is available at the municipality branch offices or the social insurance office. You can apply to the Social Insurance Agency (Shakai Hoken Center) by sending from your own country the form, a copy of your passport, the documents of pension and your bank account number.
 Shakai Hoken Center: 3-5-24 Takaido-nishi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 168-8505

・ Apply for reimbursement within 2 years of leaving Japan.
・ After you have received reimbursement, you will not be considered to have enrolled the pension.

Amount of Reimbursement
Duration of Premium Payment National Pension Plan Employees' Pension
6 to 11 months ¥39,900 (¥35,100) Average Standard Monthly Compensation x 0.4
12 to 18 months ¥79,800 (¥70,200) Average Standard Monthly Compensation x 0.8
18 to 24 months ¥119,700 (¥105,300) Average Standard Monthly Compensation x 1.2
24 to 30 months ¥159,600 (¥140,400) Average Standard Monthly Compensation x 1.6
30 to 36 months ¥199,500 (¥175,500), Average Standard Monthly Compensation x 2.0
36 months or more ¥239,400 (¥210,600) Average Standard Monthly Compensation x 2.4

* The amount of money in () is applied to those who paid the premium pension only by March, 2000.

Question I am a Japanese-Brazilian who lives in Brazil. I'd like to have a copy of the Family Registry for my ancestor.
Answer Please ask the municipality office which your ancestor registered for details because the process of an application from overseas is different from domestic one.
The following information is the case of Kumamoto city.
Reception Hours: Weekdays 8:30-17:15
TEL:(81) 96-328-2240
FAX:(81) 96-324-5969

Question Is there any fitness centres in Kumamoto City?
Answer Konami Sports Club Kumamoto:
    3rd floor of Daie Kumamoto,  4-2-1 Oe         phone: 0120-919-573
    hours: 9-21 (weekday), 10-19 (weekend)

Renaissance Kumamoto:
    2-1-71 Oe                 phone: 363-1006

Kumamoto Minami YMCA:
    5-12-50 Tamukae     phone: 378-9370

Nagamine Family YMCA:
    3-1-107 Nagamine    phone: 385-0676

Musashidai Centre YMCA:
    1866-1339 Kikutomi, koushi-shi      phone: 248-6334

Kumamoto Terrsa Fitness Club:
     28-51 Suizenjikouen          phone: 387−2554
     hours: 10-22:30 (Mon-Sat), 10-19 (Sun, national holidays) 
               Tuesdays is closed.

Question I'd like to participate in volunteer activities. Where can I get some information?
Answer Parea: 9th floor, Tetoria Kumamoto,(East building, Tsuruya Department )
         8-9, Tetorihon-cho, Kumamoto-shi      
         Phone. 355−1186
International center : 4-8, Hanabata-cho, Kumamoto-shi     
         Phone. 359-2121

Question Could you tell me how to file an income tax return?
Answer In Japan, an income tax is levied on people who receive an income over a certain amount. The income tax is calculated according to an individual's reported income.  This income tax return, kakutei-shinkoku in Japanese, should be filed in between February 16 and March 15. For more infomation, check the page "Taxes" of Living Information.

Question Can I have a Christmas party or something at the International Centre?
Answer You can rent a meeting room at the International Centre. However, some condition is required to rent a room.
For more information, call 359-2020.

Question I'd like to know how I can get to Kumamoto Airport and Fukuoka Airport.
Answer To Kumamoto Airport, the bus is running New Kumamoto Port ~ Kumamoto Station ~ Downtown Kumamoto ~ Kumamoto Airport ~ Takamori.
Kumamoto Traffic Centre to Kumamoto Airport: 670 yen (one way), about 40-50 minutes
For more information, call Kyushu Sanko Bus 325-0100 (9am-6:30pm)
The bus is running to Fukuoka Airport as well.
Kumamoto Traffic Centre to Fukuoka Airport: 2,000 yen (one way), 3,600 yen (round trip), about 2 hours
For more information, check the website

Question Do you offer the service to convert foreign 8mm film system into Japanese system?
Answer Sorry, we don't but if you make a copy to a video tape, we may convert it to Japanese system. Fee is 250 yen/30 min. Bring a video tape.

Question Do you know any accommodation that I can stay 3,000 yen/night?
Answer You may stay at some capsule hotels or hot spring centres (onsen centre). We might help you to find it. Call at International Centre.  

Question Where can I get English newspapers in Kumamoto City?
Answer You can not buy them in Kumamoto City. You may get the papers through the net shopping site as well. If you don't mind to have the papers with old date, you may get them for free at "Back Number Fair" (third Friday of every month) on the first floor of the International Centre.

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