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Question My son is going to marry to a Malaysian woman. Do they have to submit marriage verification letter in the embassy in Tokyo?
Answer There is Honorary Consulate‐General of Malaysia in Fukuoka but all official documents are needed to submit to Embassy of Malaysia. There are two kinds of styles, an Islamic style and a non-Islamic style.
Ask for details. Phone: 03-3476-3849(2-5 pm, Mon - Fri)

Question I'm married a Japanese man, but I'm going to divorce. What's going on my visa status?
Answer    You'll lose the qualification of "a spouse of a Japanese national", if you are
divorced. In the case of having kept marriage for certain period (at least for 3 years), your status of residence might be accepted to change to a long term resident. On the point of judgment, it is necessary to exist the relationship of living together as a husband and a wife. This is due to prevent camouflage marriage. Also it is considered about the degree that you have adapted to Japan and on your economic independency.
   If you have custody of your child and brings up your own child with Japanese nationality after divorce, your visa status could be changed to residence of a long term resident.

Question I want to use the KIF's volunteer translator system for my marriage certificate. May I have a volunteer translate and sign the official document ?
Answer Our volunteer can't sign the official documents. If you need to have a document certified, go to Kumamoto Notaries Office: 2-1-24 Kuhonji, tel: 364-2700.

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