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Question Where can I buy Halal foods?
Answer Mail order is available at Azhar Halal Foods: 3-36-31-107 Hakozaki,
Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 812-0053  
Phone. 092-651-4303  Fax: 092-624-0904

Islamic Centre Japan
1-16-11 Ohara, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo 156-0041
Tel: 03-3460-6169, Fax: 03-3460-6105
E-mail: islamcjp@islamcenter.or.jp
URL: http://islamcenter.or.jp

Question Where can I buy Japanese style calligraphy or painting?
Answer Bunrin Do: 2-7-16 Shin-machi, Kumamoto-shi (beside Senba bridge)
   Phone. 096-355-0274

Question Is there any authentic Mexican restaurants in Kumamoto?
Answer    Plaza del sol: 3rd floor 4-18 Kamitori, Kumamoto-shi
     Phone. 096-351-0990           
   Salsamba: 2nd floor 11-18 Hanabata-cho, Kumamoto-shi
     Phone. 096-352-6902
   Latinos: B1st floor 1-10-27 Shimotori, Kumamoto-shi
     Phone. 096-325-1644

Question I'd like to get something very Japanese gift for my family. Where can I find it?
Answer You may find something such as "uchiwa", "senseu" at a 100 yen shop. Asakusa-ya in Shin-machi, some department stores provide Japanese style's T-shirts, "happi (festival costume)", "kimono", etc. A special product of Kumamoto may be found at Kumamoto-ken Bussankan of Kumamoto Sangyo Bunka Kaikan.

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