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Question Can an international student have National Health Insurance?
Answer Only for those who have valid visa for over a year when they landed to Japan or accepted to stay in Japan over a year can do.

Question Where can I have inoculations against yellow fever, cholera, and the plague?
Answer Yellow Fever
   It is recommended to have vaccination for those who go to the tropical area in Africa or South America. Some countries ask you to show a certificate of an inoculation against yellow fever at the time of entrance into them or leaving for transfer.
   Yellow fever is the viral infection carried by a mosquito, and the rate of fatality is 5 - 10%. However, it was reported the rate reached over 60% when prevailing, or in the case of those who hadn't inoculated.
A vaccine is effective for ten years with one inoculation. You have to have it at least 10 days before your departure because the certificate needs 10 days to validate.
Fukuoka Keneki-jo, 3rd floor: 1-22 Okihama-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi
                  Phone. 092-291-3585
* An appointment is required. Call for details.

   It is not recommended to have an inoculation because the effect is suspicious.
   Paying attention for cleanliness and food would be more effective to prevent cholera.
Kumamoto-shimin hospital: Phone. 096-365-1711
Fukuoka Keneki-jo: Phone. 092-291-3585
Kumamoto Sekijuji hospital: 096-384-2111
* An appointment is required. Call for details.

The Plague
   The vaccination of the plague has a strong partial side effect after inoculation and, the enough effect is not expected, so it is not recommended except for medical workers in prevailing area or a person with the high possibility of the danger of infection. Every year the plague patients are found in Vietnam, China, and the national forest parks in the Midwest of USA as well. It should be better to keep away from wild rabbits and squirrels that might have fleas with the plague bacillus.
Fukuoka Keneki-jo: Phone. 092-291-3585

Question Are there any hospitals (byoin) in Kumamoto I can receive medical treatment in foreign languages?
Answer Refer to the following.

Konan Byoin
  5-1-37 Toroku, Kumamoto-shi, 862-0970
  Phone. 096-366-7125
  English, Chinese, German is available.
  Specialities: internal medicine, nerve internal medicine, respiratory organs,
  gastroenterology, cardiology, allergy, rheumatism, surgery, orthopedics,
  plastic surgery, proctology, rehabilitation, radiology, anesthesia

Jikei Byoin
  6-1-27 Shimasaki, Kumamoto-shi, 860-0073
  Phone. 096-355-6131
  English is available.
  Specialities: internal medicine, digestive organs, pediatrics, surgery,
  proctology, 2 sorts of mixture, obstetrics-and-gynecology, tetanus,
  poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, German measles, chicken pox, Japanese
  encephalitis, Influenza, BCG

Yang Icho-ka Ge-ka Iin
  3-16-18 Kamikumamoto, Kumamoto-shi, 860-0079
  Phone. 096-351-1377
  English, Korean is available.
  Specialities: internal medicine, gastroenterology, surgery, orthopedics,
  proctology, rehabilitation

Murakami Clinic
  1-1-13 Mukae-machi, Kumamoto-shi, 860-0817
  Phone. 096-354-1798
  English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish is available.
  Specialities: internal medicine, allergy, pediatrics, dermatology

Tsuru Shoni-ka Iin
  628 Suya, Nishigoshi-machi, Kikuchi-gun, 861-1102
  Phone. 096-344-8325
  English, Portuguese, Indonesia is available.
  Specialities: internal medicine, pediatrics

Tashiro Tadashi Naika Iin
  4-11-18 Ooe, Kumamoto-shi, 862-0971
  Phone. 096-371-3415
  French is available.
  Specialities: internal medicine, pediatrics

Question My wife's parent who is an American came to Japan to see us and she got sick. She doesn't have any travel insurance. She is covered by Medicare in U.S. Can Medicare be used in Japan?
Answer   Medicare doesn't cover any medical treatments done outside of U.S.

Question Is there a dentist who English speaks?
Answer Please check before you go there.
フリーダイヤル 0120-354-508


TEL: 096-379-6474


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