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Question I'd like to have a proof of my Japanese language proficiency. What type of tests should I take?
Answer Major tests are the following two.
1. The Japanese language proficiency test is the test to evaluate and certify the proficiency in Japanese of non-native speakers administered by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services. The test is held once per year on the first Sunday, December.
For details: http://www.jees.or.jp/jlpt/en/index.htm

2. JETRO Business Japanese Proficiency Test (JETRO Test) measures and evaluates one's Japanese communication skills in business situations.
People learning Japanese as a foreign (second) language are eligible for the JETRO Test. It is especially suitable for people engaged in business or students who plan to use their Japanese language skills for business in the near future.
The test is supported by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Agency for Cultural Affairs and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
For details: http://www.jetro.go.jp/it/e/bj/index.html

Question I want my daughter to enter a nursery school. Where can I apply it?
Answer Apply at each nursery school or the City Hall. For information, check the page "Education" of Living Information.

Question I'd like to have some information where I can learn calligraphy, tea ceremony, etc.
Answer Many of community centers (Komin-kan) offer those courses at low costs.
Chuo Komin-kan: 5-1 Kusaba, Kumamoto-shi
                 Phone. 096-353-0151
Seibu Komin-kan: 32-1 Oshima Kami-machi, Kumamoto-shi
                 Phone. 096-329-7205
Nanbu Kominkan: 6-7-35 Minamitakae, Kumamoto-shi
                 Phone. 096-358-0199
Tobu Kominkan: 1-1 Nishikigaoka, Kumamoto-shi
                Phone. 096-367-1134
Tatsuda Kominkan: 1-1-10 Tatsuda yuge, Kumamoto-shi
                   Phone. 096-339-3322
Takuma Kominkan: 7-11-15 Nagamine higashi, Kumamoto-shi
                   Phone. 096-380-8118
Koda Kominkan: 2-4-1 Koda, Kumamoto-shi
                Phone. 096-379-0211
Shimizu Kominkan: 14-7 Shimizu kamei, Kumamoto-shi
                   Phone. 096-343-9163
Akitsu Kominkan: 3-15-1 Akitsu, Kumamoto-shi
                 Phone. 096-365-5750
Oe Kominkan: 6-1-85 Oe, Kumamoto-shi
              Phone. 096-372-0311
Hanazono Kominkan: 5-8-3 Hanazono, Kumamoto-shi
                     Phone. 096-359-1122

Some private culture centers offer many other programs as well.
NHK Culture Center: 2-7 Chibajo-machi, Kumamoto-shi
                    Phone. 096-351-8888
RKK Gakuen: RKK West building, 30 Yamasaki-machi, Kumamoto-shi
             Phone. 096-212-0600 熊本市山崎町30RKK西館
TKU Nishi Nihon Bunka Circle: 1-6 Ansei-machi, Kumamoto-shi
                             Phone. 096-322-2133

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