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Question It has often happened recently foreigners got involved in traffic accidents. What should I do if I get?
Answer    You should report the accident to the police. If the accident is an “accident resulting in injury or death”, be sure to report it as such. The police will investigate the accident situation. You have to obtain a traffic accident certificate from the prefectural office of the Japan Safe Driving Center as soon as possible. This certificate will be needed for claiming the automobile liability insurance, if you are a victim.

Question Could an International student have a chance to be employed in Japan after graduating from a Japanese language school, a college, a university, or an advanced vocational school?
Answer You must obtain a working visa. In the case for acquiring a visa "Engineer" or "Specialist in Humanities/International Services", you are required to receive college or equivalent education in related fields, or more than ten years practical experience, etc. As such, your graduation from a Japanese language school alone would be inadequate. 
In the case of graduation from an advanced vocational school, you would be able to obtain a working visa if you find appropriate job in related fields.

Question My colleagues from Singapore who don't speak Japanese come for business trip to Japan. Is there any place to help them if they are in trouble?
Answer Consultation in English is available at any time on the 1st floor of Kumamoto International Centre.  

Question Where can I have cash access by credit card issued abroad?
Answer Japan Post (Yu-cho) provides international ATM service.
Seven-Eleven(convenience store)provides international ATM Service,too.

Question I heard Kuamamoto International Centre could introduce me a host family. Is it true?
Answer Yes, we can introduce you a host family but a homestay should be a short term. In addition, you need to have a sponsor in Japan and this system is for a person who want to experience cultural exchange or Japanese daily life.
For more information, check the web site;

Question I'm teaching English at some junior high school but the period of my contract is almost ended. Is the KIF (Kumamoto International Foundation) hiring a language instructor?
Answer We are not hiring a language instructor. However, you may find that kind of job at the information board of the 1st floor at International Centre. You may also get other information such as for sale, circle activities. For more information, call the KIF 359-2121.

Question I'm not good at Japanese, so I'm looking for a Japanese conversation club or something like that to practice my Japanese at reasonable cost.
Answer We offer a Japanese casual conversation class "Kumamoto Kurashi-no Nihongo Club" every Wednesday and Sunday. You can practice your Japanese with volunteer Japanese staff and make friends. This is free of charge.  
If you want to learn kanji or Japanese grammar, participate in Japanese lesson "Nihongo Kyoshitsu" (8 classes:5,000 yen).
For more information, call 359-2121.

Question I'd like to travel around Japan at reasonable cost. Could you suggest me any good idea?
Answer Seishun 18 ticket is available for spring, summer and winter holidays. You can take a ordinary train (except a express train) for one day unlimited. The ticket is 11,500 yen and you can use it 5 times (5 days). For more information, check the website JR EAST
For accommodation, hot spring centres and capsule hotels are reasonable. Taking a long-distance bus is a good way, too.

Question Where in Kumamoto City can I rent a bicycle?
Answer You can rent a bicycle at JR kumamoto station (Midori no
For more information, call 211-2406.
The reception desk is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
The rate is \500(2 hours less), \1000(4 hours less) and \1500(over 4 to 8 hours)

Question I got involved in a trouble. I want to consult with a lawyer.
Answer We have a free law consultation for foreign residents on the 3rd Saturday(14:00-16:00) at the International Centre. Appointment is required prior to one day the consultation day.
For more information, call 359-2121.
You can also take a consultation at the Lawyer Association or each law office. It charges you 5,000 yen for 30 minutes.

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